Car Rental Over Ownership: Why Leasing is the Best Option

It is common knowledge that owning a car in Singapore is expensive. With rising Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices and road taxes, many Singaporeans may opt to take the more affordable public transports. However, there may be moments where you find yourself requiring a vehicle. On such occasions, why not consider renting a car? Read on and learn why it may be better to rent a car when the need arises.


A car may be a necessity for someone, whether it’s for a job or for personal reasons. And it is much more affordable to rent a vehicle. There are additional costs such as regular vehicle maintenance and road taxes that can quickly burn a hole in your pocket. If you require a car only when a need arises, you will find renting a car to be cheaper.


Owning a car is a commitment. You will have to schedule time in your busy life to wash your vehicle and bring it to a mechanic for maintenance. If you rent a car, you only need to return it in a reasonable condition. The rental firm generally handles the maintenance of the car. You also save on the hassle of buying car insurance for the vehicle as the firm also covers that.

If you are planning a family outing, it may be more convenient to travel by car. There are many car rental services in Singapore, and it is easy for you to find one that is located near you and best suit your needs. Driving offers you more flexibility in planning your itinerary as you are not constrained by the train’s or bus’ schedule. This affords your family more time to admire the sights or enjoy a meal without having to rush to catch the public transport.


A good car rental firm can offer a wide selection of cars for you to choose from. You can select the make and model that best suit your preference. You also have the flexibility to switch to a different vehicle type whenever the need arises. For those with dreams of driving a high-end luxury car, they can experience driving a Mercedes or a BMW at a lower price point.


If you are an expatriate, you may not have plans to reside in Singapore for the long-term. If you require a vehicle for your daily needs, perhaps renting a car may be the better alternative.

A car’s value depreciates quickly in Singapore, and your vehicle may not be worth much when you decide to sell. You may find it more worthwhile to rent a car during your stay here and save yourself the hassle of maintaining the vehicle.


The prohibitive cost of owning a car has seen many Singaporeans flock to cheaper alternatives. However, there may be occasions where driving a car is a more viable option. In moments like this, it may be more sensible to rent a car instead.

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