With the increasing demand for housing and the scarcity of land, architects have resolved to develop a more modern compacted and all-inclusive building known as Sultan Plaza.

Located in at 100, Jalan Sultan in District 07, Sultan Plaza is a 99-year leasehold commercial/business premises. It is a home of several offices/stores for rental as well as offices/stores for sale.

It is near Nicoll highway MRT as well as Lavender MRT. It also neighbours quite a few bus parks situated at Jalan Sultan, Opp textile centre, Sultan Plaza, Saint John Headquarter, Jalan Sultan Complex.

Sultan Plaza consists of several offices, stores, hotels as well as the themed area. It also has a well-sized indoor water park, gaming sections, nightclub plus offices. Besides that, Sultan Plaza is a full-size imitation of other huge malls or plaza in Singapore.

Offices/stores and play stations are only a section of what Sultan Plaza is all about. Sultan Plaza makes shopping for shoppers even better with an extensive listing of services. Sultan Plaza offers Wi-Fi or wireless services, transportation, as well as ramp access for the disabled. More so, Sultan Plaza has its data accessible on iPhone as well as the Android app.

When talking about Sultan Plaza, it is essential to pay attention to the number of stores in it and their quality. Sultan Plaza is a large plaza that consisting of major favourite shopping locations as well as several major designer stores.

Other stores in Sultan Plaza include Perfume Outlet as well as the play station for kids. These stores in Sultan Plaza are only a few of several in existence. Jewellery shops, as well as wireless network shops, are also present at the Sultan Plaza.

More so, client or visitors can get access to food services while on their shopping spree. It also has candy plus ice cream available for a tasty bite.

Besides the goodies offer by Sultan Plaza, Sultan Plaza has not left the most fundamental fact, security. Sultan Plaza has installed security gadgets to help in monitoring the plaza security. The free tall number at strategic points, shoppers can access help whenever they like.

Located in a busy business centre, Sultan Plaza neighbours shop N Save, I-Tec supermarket, cold Storage as well as Sheng Siong.

It also a few meters to the concourse shopping Mall, Sim Lim Tower, Fu Lu Shou Complex, Bugis Point, Albert Complex, retail outlets as well as banking institutions.

Located in at 100, Jalan Sultan in District 07, Sultan Plaza is a 99-year leasehold commercial/business premises and is accessible both by road, cab as well as train.

More so, it is only 0.41 kilometre away from the nearest CC5 Nicoll Highway station

Operating hours: Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Saturday – Sunday: 9:00 AM to 6:00 AM

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