Business 101: Effective Video Marketing Tips & Strategies

In today’s world of marketing, you might have heard of the impact of video marketing. Studies show that 68% of internet users in Singapore watch videos online daily. According to stats by Hootsuite and We Are Social, videos have overtaken photo posts on Facebook to have an average engagement rate of 7.15%. With such potential, it would be a pity to miss out on this as fertile ground for your business marketing strategy.

But video marketing is not just making any video and hoping for the best. In fact, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all video. The best video marketing strategies approach the matter in a step-by-step way, with different videos for different marketing objectives.

So, if you’re thinking of starting video marketing for your small business, what’s the best way to begin? Here, we offer you some tips to get your video marketing strategy up and running.

Grab their attention

In your first video, your primary goal is to make your audience sit up and take notice of you. That means to make them stop scrolling when they chance upon your video ad on Facebook. Or it could be making your video gripping enough so that they don’t skip it on their Youtube video.

The aim is two-fold. First, your first video should create awareness from your brand. If your brand is new or small, not many people may have heard of it – yet. With this video, you want more people to know about this name, and a little bit of what it stands for.

Secondly, the video should stir up an emotional response. In addition to letting people know that this brand exists, they should feel something about this brand. So, it is important to let the brand’s values and culture shine through, so people can find something they resonate with.

Company origin stories or a video about your brand’s culture and vision are some of the best content to start with.

Demonstrate your value

Your next video should build upon the interest you have generated in the first, and provide more concrete information about what your brand offers. Typically, this is approached by outlining the problem that your audience faces, and then presenting to viewers the solution – your product or service!

Explainer videos are great for this step, as they provide a channel for showing how your product works, and how it can solve the pertinent pain points of your audience. A successful video now should not simply be factual or hard-selling, but rather, display empathy – and then provide a sense of empowerment.

To better illustrate the difference, the video should not be about ‘Look, our product is amazing, it will help you’, but rather, ‘With our product, YOU can solve the problem’.

Back up your claims

Now, your audience is ready for more. After they have seen what you can offer, you need to convince them that you will make good your word. How do they know your product will be effective? What are other users’ experiences with your services?

This is a good time to push out testimonial or case study videos. Show your audience how awesome your product is through statistics, demonstrations, and reviews. First of all, this appeals to your viewers’ logical minds, where they see for yourself that, yes, this product really works!

Secondly, this demonstration of efficacy reinforces what your brand stands for, bringing it full circle to what you set up your brand to be in the first video. Finally, there is potential to connect emotionally with your audience through these success stories. As they might be in the same shoes of the protagonist in your video, seeing someone else have a breakthrough will also motivate your viewer to think: That can happen to me too!

What next?

We’ve briefly outlined suggestions for three videos for any business looking to start using video productions for marketing. But of course, it doesn’t end there! Optimising your videos and getting them out to the right platforms and audiences is a whole other ball game. You’ll also need to have continuity in your marketing plan to continue to stay relevant and reach out to new audiences.

That’s quite a lot of things to get the hang of – but that’s why there are video production agencies to help! Professional video marketing companies are not just useful for helping you produce amazing content, but can also help you design and execute a marketing campaign that works for you.

Are you ready to harness the potentials of video marketing? Get started with us here.

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