How To Make Foreign Language Learning Easier With Culture

While we are staying safe and practicing safe measures by staying at home, we are still able to live within the culture in many different ways. Due to the COVID-19 situation in the world, living in the culture can be done digitally to ensure a faster way of learning a new language. After all, you will gradually aspire towards a whole new level of familiarity with the very essence that is tied to the soul of the language.


One of the best ways to familiarize oneself with the culture of a particular place is to relish its cuisine. It would be even remarkable if you were able to put in the effort in cooking up dishes of the country. If that is not possible, then having a relishing taste from the dishes of a particular foreign place can give you a new extraordinary perspective of the place.

Take lip-smacking Japanese cuisine as a prime example. Local students taking up online Japanese courses in Singapore regularly indulge themselves in Japanese food, taking them ever so closer towards Japanese culture.


While travelling is not possible at this current moment, taking a trip to the place of the language you are trying to learn can prove immensely useful. After all, it is one thing to simply read or learn – or perhaps even virtually view images and videos of that place, and quite another to actually go there.

In Singapore’s case, while it would be farfetched to say it is next door to Japan, it is undoubtedly reasonably close, making a trip to Japan reasonably easy after the pandemic is all over.

Once you are there, as you begin to immerse yourself in the culture and experience many aspects of life there. In fact, you will certainly go far and wide with the learning you have been receiving from your Japanese class back in Singapore.


Media of a particular place definitely plays a huge role when it comes to grasping a foreign language. In your quest to learn the Japanese language over the course of your Singapore Japanese class, you should look to consume as much Japanese media as possible. It can certainly come in handy. You could watch Japanese television shows, read Japanese books or manga comic books, view Japanese programs on streaming services like Netflix, as well as online video sites like YouTube, and so on.

Furthermore, you could visit local libraries where there is a good chance you will find Japanese books, magazines, and periodicals. You can spend some time to indulge in them should you have the opportunity.


The fashion scene in Japan is extremely vibrant with Tokyo, and it is often regarded as one of the major fashion hubs of the world, along with places like Milan, Paris or New York City.

Not everyone has to go all the way as far as adapting fashion from a foreign destination. But even if you take some simple steps, such as dressing up in a Kimono for ladies, it will take you closer to the culture whose language you are learning.

Ultimately, there is absolutely no denying the rub-off effect this has on making actual linguistic progress. It could even expedite your learning too.


While learning a foreign language can be difficult, such as Japanese, it can undoubtedly get easier when you are able to actually live and breathe its beautiful culture.

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