The 4 Main Impacts Of Cleaning On Office Productivity

The year 2020 began with tremendous health concerns. Notably, the pandemic novel coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, has devastated the world leading to government-imposed lockdown in most countries. People started paying more attention to washing their hands frequently and sanitizing frequently-touched surfaces in homes and workplaces.

But beyond the virus outbreak, maintaining a clean office environment on an everyday basis is crucial for your business and the health of your employees. It sets the right impression for clients when they visit the office, and ensure employees can do their job safely. With the help of office cleaning services, it is indispensable that your office premises are kept sterile and tidy. Let’s explore more on the value of maintaining a clean workplace.

Decreasing the number of sick days

Employees can be prone to falling ill especially when they come in contact with germs and bacteria that linger on high-touch surfaces. Sealed windows, aircon systems and indoor air – being inside the premises for long hours exposes occupants to plenty of allergens, dust and bacteria as they breathe in the same circulated air. The problem can be exacerbated if there is any old, uncleaned carpeting or dusty corners which can trigger respiratory problems, eye issues, headaches, allergies and asthma.

In office spaces, everyone interacts and works closely. Viruses can survive on some surfaces for hours, which allows them to be transmitted from one co-worker to another. Hence, this is also why regular office cleaning and sanitisation is recommended amid COVID-19. Increasing number of sick employees will affect worker morale and decrease company’s productivity.

Alleviates stress

Mental health experts have always advised that keeping your surroundings neat is one of the simple ways of curbing stress. When cleanliness is lacking, employees find their surroundings more depressing and in turn, made them less productive. And just like having good lighting and air quality at work, a dirty office can bring adverse effects too. Studies have also showed that employees looked forward to coming to the office and worked better as a result of having cleaner workspaces with clean toilets, tidy pantry facilities, and sanitised working areas. Otherwise, unsanitary workspaces and environment would introduce more stress and overwhelm their capability to work efficiently.

Improves focus

It is difficult to thrive at work in an unkempt environment. Dirty floors and carpeting, and dusty windows can be a cause of distraction in reducing your employees’ focus on the task at hand. People might not be at the peak of their performance when their eyes are distracted by the untidy and dirty sight of their surroundings. Regular cleaning of electronic equipment, including photocopies and printers, is also essential as they can accumulate dust over time that can affect function and performance. This can slow down the efficiency of employees in completing their tasks.

Enhances safety

As a business owner or building manager, there is a sense of duty to help improve the hygiene levels in the office. Unhygienic washrooms and workspaces can become the optimal breeding environments for bacteria to thrive. This can spread easily throughout the office and impact the health of occupants. Untidy environments can also lead to accidents in the workspace, causing injuries and poor health which drives lower productivity and business performance.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company in Singapore to help in office cleaning duties for your workplace is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Our team of cleaning specialists incorporate sophisticated cleaning techniques with eco-friendly supplies to clean your commercial space in areas like floor maintenance, glass panel cleaning and washroom services.

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