Blow Your Audience Away By Putting On A Stunning Performance

Are you an established artist with a vast number of gigs under your control? Have you just formed a band and want to experience your first gig? Or do you want to want to take basic drum lessons after feeling inspired watching a live performance? The process of learning music and applying what you know in production can be difficult. Here are some of the essential tricks and tips to ensure that you get the best from live shows.

Constant practice

Constant weekly practice and taking up gigs and recordings are essential. As a band, you would need to ensure there is synergy amongst you and your bandmates. The weekly practise will ensure your band achieve a similar sound and timing to form a cohesive melody, especially if you are trying out an unfamiliar tune for the first time. By practising and experimenting with different types of sound and songs, you can come up with a setlist that you are comfortable to bring to several performances. You can use these setlist gigs and recordings. By taking up such shows, it will bolster your confidence as a band member and a group as a whole, which will improve your performance in the long run.

Avoid the nerves

As performers, stage presence is vital, and the audience’s response is a reflection of the energy you offer them. The more comfortable you are on stage, the more you would enjoy your performance, and the audience will follow suit. Of course, to feel at ease with eyes watching your every move is not easy. You can afford to meditate or sneak in a little bit of practice before to the performance, but it all boils down to the training you had before that stage. Have trust in the lessons and practice you have been doing.

Always warm-up

If you are a singer, one of the first few things you would’ve picked up from your first vocal lesson as a beginner is the importance of the health of your vocal cords. Singers are advised to always warm up their vocal chords before every performance to not only hit those high notes but to also avoid vocal straining. Don’t feel embarrassed to make silly sounds in front of people, or if you’d prefer, you can head to a quieter and private corner to do so. Remember, every performer should take special care of your body just as much as an athlete does.


By applying some of the tips and tricks, you will be able to produce astonishing live performances for yourself and the audience. If you have yet to perform in front of an audience, you may experience stage fright that may be a tad debilitating. But don’t worry! Most performers will feel the jitters no matter the number of times they would be up on stage before the adrenaline takes over. Most first times are nerve-wracking and, you may stumble during your performance but do not be discouraged! Try to have as much fun you can with your bandmates and the audience. After all, music is freedom. Revel in it.

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