Amazing Ideas You Can Pull Off With Party Planners

Many first time parents find themselves scrambling to add on last minute touches to their child’s birthday party. Trust us when we say our kids party planners have got your back on this. We have put together some of the most important aspects of a party which are most commonly overlooked until the last moment. What’s more important than having your child and guests enjoy a swelling time goofing around? So who is going to break the ice and kick start all the merrymaking?

You’ll be surprised to know that many kids party planners in Singapore have a lot to offer! When it comes to party entertainment – they’re the best people to call.

From princesses, scientists to wizards – you name it, we’ve got it.

Now, let’s go into the specifics, and you’ll see how entertainers bring in all the fun and make your children’s dreams come true.

The Mad Scientist

Kick off the party with mind-blowing science experiments like creating a touchable cloud or blasting off your friend’s hat using an air vortex gun. There are tons of creative and educational tricks up the sleeves of our mad scientist.

With slime making being all the rage right now, your kid can show off his or her freshly made party favours in school. Plus, they get to learn how to concoct this gooey goodness right from scratch, with their very own hands.

And did we mention that our slimes are rainbow-coloured and glow in the dark?

The Princess

Your child is in for a treat if she dreams of being a princess or mermaid.

Deck the walls for a fairytale-themed party with dazzling streamers or perhaps even hire a professional build your little princess a life-sized frozen castle out of balloons. Trade your usual party hats for bejewelled tiaras & crowns to match their outfits. Get creative by matching her princess gown with fairy wings or a unicorn crown with her mermaid fanfare.
If the glitz and glam castles are too much for your child, there are tons of other exciting themes to explore! Maybe your valiant little one prefers to brave some obstacles to save the day? Turn your royal entourage into knights of shining armour or change it into a superhero theme for that matter! While keeping the party as a surprise seems like a good idea, it is more important to keep your child involved in deciding on the theme if you truly want it to be a dream come true.

The Wizard

The world of magic will never fail to satisfy the curious minds of children.

And never, ever, underestimate the ability of a magician! Let him do his thing, wave his wand, show a couple of never before seen tricks, and your kids are bound to have themselves glued to the ground. Don’t worry, they’re probably just too astonished by the brilliant performance – and are just trying to piece everything together and unfold the magic tricks.

Besides, a magic show birthday party comes with all kinds of fancy party decorations and crazy wizardly outfits. And if your child has kept up with every movie release of Harry Potter? Even better! Pull off a magic-themed party, have them dress up to represent different houses of Hogwarts – Slytherin, Gryffindor to Hufflepuff, throw in a few games and let the battle begin!

The Dancer

Put on some groovy upbeat music and let your kids let loose.

Have your dance party entertainer tailor the choreography to a specific style to make it more interesting. The options are limitless, from Bollywood, K-pop, Zumba to Disco from the retro neon era, a party planner will usually be able to get you access to a dance teacher to suit your child’s preference. The kids can also have a chance at doing a sing-off to their favourite tunes during a mini karaoke session.

Who knows? Your child could have a hidden talent locked away, so it’s now or never to find out!


No birthday party is complete without party entertainers, and there’s clearly no harm in it. After all, they are there to liven up the party and let your kid have tons of fun.

If party entertainers are something you have never considered before, maybe it’s time you do it and give your child a party experience they’ll never forget.

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