The Benefits Of Using Tissue Pack Ads For Branding

It’s not strange to be walking past an MRT station, only to see numerous part-time workers handing out marketing flyers. But occasionally, you will also see one or two handing out tissue paper.

Yes – free tissue paper! Of course, these tissue paper packets also contain marketing material, either printed on the packet itself, or sometimes in the form of a card attached to the packet.

In Singapore, using personalised tissue packs for marketing purposes is pretty common, but you may be thinking: does it work? Well, in fact, this guerilla marketing tactic that originated from Japan has its merits. Here’s how it can be a really effective marketing tool for your brand:

It’s functional

Some consumers shun flyers because they already know it’s an advertisement. But if a survey of Japanese consumers is anything to go by, it seems people are more acceptive of free tissue. In the survey, up to 76% of 100,000 respondents said they would accept a free tissue pack.

The secret is probably that tissues are functional – and who doesn’t use tissues, right? Even if it saves a person only a few cents, the consumer mentality is that it won’t hurt to take something that will be useful to them anyway.

It’s visible

The thing about tissues is that people bring it around with them. A pack of tissue may be used multiple times across the day or even a few days, and every time a person uses the tissue, they give your advertisement another look.

Tissue packs are also something people tend to leave around, or give away casually to others who need it at the moment. Through these organic channels, your advertisement can find new audiences quickly and easily.

Suitable for most audiences

Figuring out a way to reach your target audience is one of the tough parts of marketing. But the brilliance of tissue paper advertising is that it works well with every demographic. Thus, this marketing tactic is great for widespread campaigns like raising awareness for a cause, generating hype for an event, or boosting brand awareness for newer or small businesses.

If you want to narrow down your target group, you can control the location in which you dispense the tissue packets.

It’s economical

Compared to the costs of conventional marketing and advertising methods, using tissue advertising is considered super cost-effective. Custom tissue packs in Singapore won’t cost you much, especially if you order in bulk.

The most labour-intensive part might be having to employ people to give out the tissue packs at strategic locations. However, if you find willing businesses to display the free tissue paper for you at their counters, you can even save on that labour cost!

As you can see, tissue packet marketing isn’t such a wild idea, after all. It has its fair share of advantages, especially for businesses on a budget who want to reach out to a wide audience. At the end of the day, consumers seldom turn down something that will be useful to them. So, as a brand, the key is to give your audience something of value, even while getting your name out there.

Want to try out tissue paper advertising for your brand? Design your tissue paper advertisement and we can produce the required number of packets you need!

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