Condo Amenities That’ll Require More Attention Cleaning Wise

There’s nothing that says “high-quality condo” like pristine, well-managed facilities. Facilities are the main draw of condominiums and are often the centre of attraction for residents and potential buyers alike. As a condo property manager, one of your most crucial tasks is keeping the facilities in check, both in terms of logistics and cleanliness.

Professional condo cleaning services can get the job done for a majority of the estate, but it is up to you to decide the scope of cleaning. Choosing the extent and frequency of cleaning can be a difficult task, especially with the wide array of facilities that your condo may have. Let us help inform your decisions with this list of 5 condo facilities that need the most cleaning.

1. Function rooms

Function rooms come in various shapes and sizes. Other than general function rooms, some are themed, including study rooms, gaming rooms, or karaoke rooms. Regardless, their uniting trait is that each of them sees a lot of use.

Between celebrations, meetings, and casual personal use, each of them is going to experience a lot of foot traffic. These activities also typically call for a lot of food, so you can expect to see crumbs, spillages and litter.

This double whammy of frequent usage and food consumption means that cleaning needs to be done rather often. The last thing you want is for a resident to enter the room they booked, only to find the floor dirty and littered with food waste. Engage in a professional condo cleaning company to have your function rooms cleaned regularly so everyone can use the rooms safely without any health problems. This will also raise satisfaction and happiness levels.

2. Lifts

Naturally, lifts are probably the most heavily used facility in the residence, making it very easy for dirt and dust to accumulate in them. What’s worse, air tends to rush into the lift after the doors open, blowing in more dirt from the outside. Over time, the lift’s interior can look dull and dirty, so there should be frequent cleaning done. At the same time, the lift buttons should also be wiped down and disinfected to avoid harbouring bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

3. Gyms

Working out is one of the healthier pastimes, and you can be sure that residents will be using the gym to its fullest potential. A well-equipped gym will especially see increased usage from a ton of experienced gym-goers and beginners alike.

While it is proper gym etiquette to wipe down equipment after you have used them, not all gym users would bother with or be aware of this rule. Installing antiseptic wipe dispensers and placing reminders on the walls can help to encourage hygiene practices.

However, it is not enough for users to clean up after themselves. The floor is likely to be covered with sweat, leaving a foul smell that lingers even after it evaporates. The shared gym equipment might contain germs and bacteria from high usage. As such, look for condo cleaning services to help sanitise and provide a thorough cleaning session to slow any spread of bacteria and disease.

4. Pools

Pools are one of the most popular features of condos and often serve as a centrepiece to the estate. While they can be visually and practically appealing when well-maintained, the opposite is also true. A pool with several leaves floating on the surface or dirt gathering at the bottom can be a major turn-off.

As one of the most used facilities, pools are also a breeding spot for dirt and bacteria, especially if users do not rinse themselves off before entering. Special care should be taken to ensure that the pool filtration systems are maintained and that the pool itself is cleaned regularly.

5. Restrooms

We know how easily toilets can get dirty without proper cleaning and maintenance. The convenience and value they provide to the estate should not be understated. As such, common restrooms in the condo must be clean, sanitary, and well-stocked.

Restrooms with stained toilet seats or empty toilet roll dispensers can quickly result in unhappy residents or condo guests. Filthy surfaces like door knobs, sink taps and urine on the floors can also jeopardise the health of users.

The best professional cleaning companies will have a wide array of condo cleaning services, where they manage not only the general residential area but also the individual facilities. Our suite of residential cleaning services provides coverage for your entire estate, from the carpark to the corridors. We also have specialised cleaning services for each of type of amenity, with tailor-made solutions to address your property’s specific needs.

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