4 Simple Tips To Cultivate A Clean Living Environment

A clean environment is an essential trait of any attractive and high-valued residence. Having immaculate surroundings makes the residence more comfortable for tenants, conferring several benefits in terms of safety and health. Families are also given peace of mind from the knowledge that their children will not be placed in danger by allergens or germs lurking in dusty corridors.

That being said, maintaining sanitary conditions can be one of the most challenging tasks for property managers and property owners. There are, of course, professional condo cleaning services in Singapore that you can hire, such as those provided by us. However, that does not mean that your residents should be complacent in maintaining cleanliness. Here are some ways that you can motivate them to keep the property spick and span.

1. Sufficient rubbish bins

Sometimes, the simplest way to encourage proper litter disposal habits is to give residents more opportunities to do so. A straightforward method to do this is by increasing the number of rubbish bins around the property.

Even distribution of bins is also important, such that most locations around the property would have a bin within the line of sight. This minimises the chance that a resident would need to actively search for a bin, and at the same time, discourage bad habits or behaviours of littering around the compound when they are unable to find a bin. Ensure that the bins are large enough to hold the expected volume of rubbish as well, so residents can conveniently dispose their trash effectively.

2. Frequent clearing of rubbish bins

Having numerous large-sized rubbish bins is key to encouraging proper waste disposal, but these habits need to be facilitated by frequent clearing. It is not uncommon to see rubbish bins that are filled to the brim or overflowing, especially in areas that experience high foot traffic.

In these cases of overflowing rubbish, bins can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria or pests. Prevent your rubish bins from becoming hazards. Instead, make sure that they are cleared, and the rubbish bags promptly replaced. This has the added effect of increasing the accessibility of rubbish bins for residents, so they would not have to search around for a bin with available space.

As for the more labour-intensive work like clearing rubbish chutes, you can leave that to the professionals. Our cleaning specialists provide efficient rubbish chute clearing and sanitise the chute to keep it in good condition.

3. Regular inspections

For property managers willing to take a more active role, you may consider conducting regular inspections around the residence, such as around the corridors, facilities and lobbies. Through your observations, you may be able to determine the root issues affecting the cleanliness.

For example, if a particular corridor tends to have more litter or clutter in the long run, a further investigation and corrective action may need to be taken for residents in that area.

4. Cleanlines for shared facilities

For various residential facilities like gyms or toilets, professional residential cleaning services should be able to clean them daily. Still, there is a good chance that multiple residents would use them in-between scheduled cleaning sessions. This means that the onus would be on residents themselves to clean up these areas after use.

To help the residents along, you can introduce certain measures. In the case of gyms, for instance, it would be apt to install disinfectant wipes dispensers and require users to wipe down the equipment after use. Washroom stalls would benefit from toilet seat covers for increased hygiene purposes too. Hand sanitisers are also an excellent option for event rooms and gyms. You can put up signs on the noticeboard or around the facility to encourage users in keeping the place clean.

Creating a sanitary living environment is everyone’s responsibility. As a property manager, you are uniquely positioned to influence the condition of your residence. With these tips in mind, you will be able to improve residents’ quality of life and customer satisfaction significantly. At the same time, you can leave the professional job to cleaning experts. Our condo cleaning services includes corridor cleaning, car park litter clearing and pest control. This will allow you to keep the major cleaning difficulties out of your mind, and focus on your residents’ well-being.

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