Enhance Your Photo Booth Experience With These 5 Tips

Photo booths in Singapore are surprisingly common in events nowadays, so much so that everyone is expected to know how to get into a photo booth and have their picture taken. For those who may be a little less tech-savvy, the process may seem daunting or intimidating. But don’t worry! Getting a picture taken at a wedding photo booth in Singapore is actually very easy, especially with photographers and assistants to guide you along the way. Typically, all you need to do is to pose in front of the camera and wait for your picture to be taken. But there are some nifty tricks that you can use to help enhance your photo booth experience further. Here are five tips to help you get started with our instant photo booth.

Come prepared for a good picture

We all know that an amazing picture requires quite a bit of preparation. Before queueing for your picture to be taken, you may want to step into the bathroom and freshen yourself up a little bit. If you have a make-up kit in your bag, you can touch up on your make-up too. For the men, ensure that your suit is properly worn – that the collar is folded neatly downwards, that the cuffs of the sleeves are resting comfortably. This little prep time would definitely go a long way in helping you look fantastic in your picture.

Gather all your friends and family members

If you notice that the photo booth has a long queue, you might want to spend the time finding all your friends and family members to take pictures together. Call them, or ask someone to help run around the event area to look for those people. A photo booth experience is at its best when you share it with the people you know and love. It’s also a great opportunity for family portraits!

Look out for props when queueing!

When queueing for your turn to take a picture, you will be amazed at the long row of props available for your use. These props are a mainstay of the photo booth and will allow you to customise your picture to your liking. Simply pick up any props that catch your eye – whether they be toy guns, plush toys or placards – and bring them with you into the photo booth! Besides adding a pop of colour, these props will also help to showcase your personality and make your photo booth experience even more unique and memorable. 

Don’t run away after the picture is taken!

After you step out of the booth, don’t walk away just yet! Instead, hang around for a minute as your photograph is processed and printed. Your picture will be printed in the standard photo 4R size on high-quality photo paper and even placed in clear plastic sleeves for further protection. The true value of the instant photo booth in Singapore can only be shown when you receive your stunning picture printout.

If you don’t like your picture, take it again!

Photo booths allow you to take as many pictures as you want, so if you are not fully satisfied with what you took, you may take your picture again – there are no extra costs involved! Simply rejoin the photo booth queue and wait for your turn.


Photo booths are certainly a joy to any wedding or event. With these 5 tips, anyone can definitely make the most out of their photo booth experience.

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